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Submersible electric motors
Method of cooling
COMBIMAC provides submersible electric motors with two types of cooling methods. Surface cooled and forced cooled. Both types can be provided for immersible (IP67) or submersible (IP68) operation.
Surface cooled
For continuous submersible operation or operation only when submerged, Combimac provides a wide range of surface cooled electric motors. Typical applications for these electric motors are dredging-, deep well-, and sewage pumps.
Special electric motors
Forced cooled
Combimac has developed the forced cooled electric motors to suit immersible or submersible applications. Often electric motors have to perform their nominal power rating when running both dry or wet.
Other types
Other features of this design are the very low airborne noise levels produced by these types of electric motors and the lack of heat dissipation to the direct environment which, in some applications, can be of vital importance.
Down loads


Type Method of Cooling Power range (kW) Depth
Ingress Protection (IP)
55 Surface 0,25 - 300 25 67-68
99 Forced 5,5 - 400 40 67-68
Special electric motors and fans
1919 - 2019