Quotations and orders are subject to the general terms and conditions of contract of Holland Marine Equipment (HME). Any other conditions are herewith explicitly rejected by us. Register Chamber of Commerce, Noord Nederland no. 04032610. Aanbiedingen en orders onderliggen de algemene contractvoorwaarden van de vereniging Holland Marine Equipment (HME). Andersluidende voorwaarden worden uitdrukkelijk afgewezen. Inschrijving Kamer van Koophandel Noord Nederland no. 04032610.
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Kapitein Grantstraat 5
7821 AP Emmen
The Netherlands

+31 591 611531
E: info@combimac.com
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Thanks to the high quality standards, proven over many years, Combimac has become an established subcontractor for many companies. Combimac's electric motors, installed in vessels of many Navies and various industrial installations world wide, live up to the highest reputation.
Combimac is a wholly independent, middle size company, established in the north east part of the Netherlands, in the town of Emmen. As a designer and supplier of electrical prime movers, for many years Combimac has been a prominent supplier of special electric motors and fans.
Combimac designs and manufactures 2 product groups: special electric motors and fans.
Special electric motors and fans
1919 - 2019