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The company was originally founded as the company Pelger in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 1st November 1919. The company started as a repair work shop to service DC-motors . On 1st march 1936 a centrifugal fan program was taken over from the company Heinke & Schuitema Musselkanaal (HSM). These initials and the name Pelger have been used to form Hollandse Speciaal Motoren-Pelger, or HSM-Pelger. During the 1950's the company started to develop special AC and DC-machines, as well as a wide range of centrifugal fans were designed.

Brochure 1950's

In 1974 the Pelger family era ended and the company was taken over from the Pelger family. At the same time the company was renamed into:
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Combination Machine, Apparatus & Construction


1919 - 2019


Special electric motors and fans
1919 - 2019